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Highlights of Bodrum

Group Tour
Explore the most important historical landmarks, and indulge into the history of Bodrum's culture in only half a day! Your tour guide will be giving you deep insights on the culture, different holidays and the ancient times of Turkey. In this tour, you'll visit Myndos Gate and the Amphitheater, both of which are from time where Bodrum was still called Halicarnassus. You'll also get the opportunity to visit one of the most popular places on this beautiful peninsula: the windmill hill located on the mountain top, which is between Bodrum and Gümbet. It offers the most spectacular views of Bodrum center with the Old Castle, Gümbet bay with the whitewashed houses by mountains, and a small sneak peek to Kos (Greece!). It's without a doubt the perfect place for vacation photos! Before you reach the center of Bodrum, you'll get a close glimpse on the Turkish gold industry, upon visiting Galata Gold Center. Here you will find a collection of handmade gold jewelry with or without precious stones like diamonds or the local sultanate. Get ready for a good bargain if you want to buy, or just explore the products with a cold drink in hand. In the city center, you'll be guided down to the harbor, and along the way you'll get familiar with facilities you may need later such as ATMs, shops, restaurants etc. We'll be ending the tour by savoring delicious Turkish coffee inside Körfez Restaurant where you will be offered a free cup of Turkish coffee or tea, and you can feel free to order some of their delicious meals or spend some more time shopping at the bazar.

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